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Today at the Disney Store

  • Woman yelling at her daughter:

    For God's sake, you are 23 and you DO NOT need a Pooh stuffed animal.

  • Daughter:

    I want it and I'm buying it.

  • Woman:

    This is ridiculous.

  • Me:

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm 19 and I just bought a doll for myself.

  • All the other CMs:

    Yeah, you're never too old for Disney.

  • And the random guy in line with an entire Vinylmation box:

    To be honest, these are for me.

currently using a exercise ball as a chair.
It strengthens your back and core…. I’ve been using it for like 3 hours or more.
my back is not uber happy, though it wasn’t before I started this either.
oh well

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